My Wine Spill Secret Weapon

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.42.11 PM.png

Here we go, this is the moment where I admit that I am a total klutz. If we are at a party, I am absolutely going to be the person to knock someone's glass out of their hands when I am telling a story or to elbow someone's glass and spill on them. Not to mention the number of times I have just spilled on myself. Or on my sofa. OF COURSE a stemless wine glass can balance on the cushions!!  Because that's just how I do. Sigh… I digress….     

The good thing to come out of this is that I have tried MANY of the recommended remedies for removing wine from clothing. Some work better than others, but my tried and true is Wine Away. I had seen the bottles at wine stores and online and thought “there is no way that actually works.” Oh boy, was I wrong. This tiny bottle packs an amazing stain fighting punch. The wine literally disappears before your eyes. You let it sit for 2 minutes and then lightly dab with a white cloth and BOOM! It's gone! Fun fact: Wine away contains only fruit and vegetable extracts, and it's non-toxic! It comes in a multitude of sizes, which is great for a gal like me who needs to own both the purse size, and the gallon jug for when I spill on our rug. Again, I digress…

You can purchase Wine Away at your local wine shop and also here.                                                  

Sarah Basta