It's World Malbec Day!


Wahooo Malbec Day! This full-bodied red wine is a big hit in my books. It can have so many interesting characteristics, depending on both the country and the altitude at which it is grown. Argentinian Malbecs (higher altitude) will reward you with hints of plum and blackberry, and depending on the amount of oak aging, a lovely tobacco finish. French Malbecs (or lower altitude) is less fruit forward, with almost pepper and spice qualities to them. 

 You may think of Malbec as an Argentinian varietal, but this grape formed its humble beginnings in, you guessed it, France! This thick-skinned grape was one of the five most commonly blended grapes but never rose to a top French variety. Why you ask? Sadly this lil' buddy is not too tolerant of pests and weather. Lucky for us, it was introduced to  Mendoza, Argentina in 1868 where it has been thriving ever since. 

One fun fact, did you know that Malbecs have a tell? Look for the magenta rim of this deep purple wine. 

Thank you  WineFolly !

Thank you WineFolly!

Sarah Basta