Yo, Cinsault!


A few years ago, we we joined the Municiple Winemakers wine club, and they blessed us with a bottle of 100% Cinsault. My first thought was, WTF is a Cinsault?!

Cinsault (pronounced SAN-so) is a little-known heat-tolerant red grape that thrives in the south of France, other warm climates.

Cinsault saw its hay day in the 1950’s and 60’s in former French Colonies like Algeria and Lebanon and Morocco, and is still very popular in all of those countries today. In the US, we will see it most commonly as a blending tool to give red wines more body. 

Cinsault wines tend to be more fruit forward,low in tannins and are best when drunk at a young age  (the young wine guys, not young people, jeez!)


Sarah Basta