How long will my open bottle last?


I mean, at my house the answer is one night because we probably drank it all, but there is a rule of thumb if you have willpower and only want one glass.
The rule is that most table wines last 3-5 days. Lighter whites and rosé can stay vibrant for about 5-7 days if you cork it and keep it in the fridge. Full-bodied whites and most reds go back to the 3-5 day rule, and of course, corked.  It's important to know that when wine turns, it won't hurt you, it just won't have the same flavor. And the more days that pass, the less appealing that flavor will be



I tend to use  The Original Vacu Vin, which uses a vacuum pump to remove air from your bottle. In theory, this slows the oxidization process and should help it keep longer. I really feel like it keeps the wine as fresh as possible. I will admit, I haven't tested it past 5 days, because I swear if there is open wine in the house it calls to me from the kitchen.  Like a siren on the ocean. Or me having no willpower to not drink open wine.

Sarah Basta